As Flexible As You Need

We support phase-based prcing, time-based pricing, and fixed pricing; whatever suits you best.


Good for projects with a clearly defined scope and requirements.


Agreed upon upfront for the entire project

Meet Our Project Manager
  • ScopeStrictly defined upfront and milestones set in advance.
  • FlexibilityLow (requires contract updates)
  • Payment StructurePer milestone in advance.
  • Client CommitmentOnly for the ongoing milestone, which could be small or the first.

Good for innovative projects or projects with evolving needs.


Agreed upon before each phase.

Meet Our Project Manager
  • ScopeAgreed upon before the start of each phase. One phase at a time.
  • FlexibilityHigh (before each phase starts)
  • Payment StructurePer phase in advance.
  • Client CommitmentOnly for the ongoing phase, which could be small or the first.

Good for projects with highly variable or undefined scopes.


$9,000$/monthor $24,000/quarter

Meet Our Project Manager
  • ScopeFluid, adapts to changing needs
  • FlexibilityVery high (throughout the duration)
  • Payment StructureMonthly in advance.
  • Client CommitmentFor the entire duration.
Cancel any time in all plans and retain ownership of all work delivered up to that point.
Included in all plans
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Free Lifetime Workmanship Warranty
  • Our monitoring software detects errors automatically, which we'll resolve within 24 hours, for free, forever.
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First 2-weeks Deliverables
  • We'll design and develop a core feature and deploy it on
  • We'll deliver super scalable and cost-efficient solutions for every product feature and business need.
  • We'll create a custom hosting server setup on your AWS account, engineered to automatically handle high-traffic volumes cost-effectively.
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Trust & Security
  • Cancel any time and retain ownership of all work delivered up to that point.
  • Full access to the code and hosting from day 1.
  • IP, NDA & Non-compete Assurance.
Why Choose Us?
  • Test and share from day 1 with daily updates.
  • Guaranteed super scalable solutions and ultra-low post-launch costs.
  • We handle everything from start to launch.
  • No Middleman. Only a direct line to our Project Manager, with same-day email responses.
  • Nothing but a smooth, fast, and flawless product.
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Mario Adabachy

Project Manager & Founding Director at RedLayers

29 years old

Rotterdam, Netherlands

I was once a former full-stack developer and have solo-delivered over 20 projects. Now, I'm the project manager of all projects at RedLayers and every client's point of contact.


Russell Greer - company logo

“RedLayers is an exemplary company that I would highly recommend... RedLayers was easy to work with, never said it couldn’t be done, and more than once went the extra mile. It was very clear from the start that RedLayers sincerely cared and took pride in their work.”

Russell Greer - profile picture
Russell Greer
CEO at FCP, Inc.
Adi Hazan - company logo

“We had a severe technical problem, which we put to the whole world openly with a reward. RedLayers solved it in days, and their solution was many multiples faster than anyone else could come up with.”

Adi Hazan - profile picture
Adi Hazan
Owner of Analycat
Sergio Bale - company logo

“From start to finish, their team showcased unparalleled professionalism, expertise, and creativity, delivering an outstanding final product that exceeded all my expectations.”

Sergio Bale - profile picture
Sergio Bale
CEO at InsulationBee LTD
Waqar Wajid - company logo

“Words are not enough to describe the sincerity, patience, and professionalism of RedLayers, and I would recommend them eyes closed.”

Waqar Wajid - profile picture
Waqar Wajid
Manager at Al-Futtaim

“Their ideas had a huge impact on our business plan and not just on the project that we asked them to do. You will not be disappointed in hiring RedLayers. They are a cut above everyone else I have worked with.”

Lubo Zizakovic
President at Insidus Corp
Clifford Summers - company logo

“I have worked with, encountered and associated with many other front-end, back-end and full-stack developers and project managers, and these guys rank right up with the best.”

Clifford Summers - profile picture
Clifford Summers
CTO at Otay Mesa Sales


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