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We're based in London and serve US and UK clients.

We specialize in SaaS and web app development, rigorously focus on long-term scalability and cost-efficiency, and handle everything from start to finish.

We've delivered over 30 projects, drawing from our experience at companies like Amazon and Monzo.

This is well-documented by 53 verified reviews on Freelancer and Google.

For 30+ projects
53 reviews
Just getting started
in 3 years
YoY growth
with 50%

Steering the Ship

After achieving remarkable success as a freelancer in just two years, Mario decided to start an agency. Awn, a long-time friend with experience working at Amazon and Monzo, became a pivotal part of this transition. Their combined expertise set the foundation for RedLayers.

  • Mario Adabachy's profile picture

    Mario Adabachy

    Project Manager & Founding Director

    29 years old

    Rotterdam, Netherlands

    I was once a former full-stack developer and have solo-delivered over 20 projects. Now, I'm the project manager of all projects at RedLayers and every client's point of contact.

  • Awn Umar's profile picture

    Awn Umar

    Security Engineer & Founding Director

    25 years old

    Bristol, UK

    I have extensive experience from my time at Amazon and Monzo, which I leverage behind the scenes at RedLayers to guide management and operations.

The Road So Far

Founded in 2020, we're nearing the end of our third year with notable achievements.

Solo Freelancing Begins

Mario kicks off his freelancing journey, laying the groundwork for what would eventually become RedLayers.

Formation of RedLayers

Mario teams up with Awn, who had experience at Amazon and Monzo, and together, they lay the foundation for RedLayers.

Nearing a Major Milestone

We're nearing our goal of $1 million in annual revenue, and are already setting our next target.

The Team

A small, youthful team brimming with passion, committed to continuous growth, never settling, and specialized in working on projects and nothing else.

Our Culture

Our culture thrives on flexibility: team members operate asynchronously, work whenever they choose, and can take unlimited short leaves. Being fully remote and valuing results over hours ensures our team remains stress-free and highly productive.

Passion, Knowledge, and Ambition
Each member is fueled by passion and a thirst for knowledge, always striving to grow and assume larger roles.
Boundless Flexibility
Team members operate on their own schedules, embracing true work freedom.
Asynchronous Workflow
We champion an asynchronous approach, allowing collaboration without time restraints.
Remote Synergy
Fully remote operations ensure that geography never limits our potential.
Value Over Hours
We prioritize impactful outcomes over the number of hours clocked in.
Unlimited Short Leaves
Our team is empowered to take breaks as needed, ensuring well-being and balance.

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